Tòfol Castanyer runs 190 kilometres’ per en Pau’.

Challenge completed!!!!!! Tòfol ran for more than 30 hours and covered about 200 kilometers in the Serra de Tramuntana aiming to put the “Passes per en Pau” project firmly in the spotlight.

“Passes per en Pau”, a heroism only attainable by few, has had as its protagonist the Solleric Tòfol Castanyer. The athlete arrived triumphant in Sóller this afternoon, 16.12.2017, to achieve his goal of completing a trail ‘ Doble Serra de Tramuntana’ that began yesterday at 7 a. m., with a hundred people cheering  Castanyer on, and has concluded this Saturday, at siesta time, after a race against himself in which he has almost never been alone. This solidarity challenge, with the aim of raising funds for Pau Jaume, a young Sóller boy suffering from Duchenne’s disease, in order to enable him to acquire an adapted wheelchair, has so far raised around 15.000 Euros.